¡Mayday! feat. Cee-Lo: “Groundhog Day”

Ah, the monotony of work. Sitting in a cubicle right now? This track, by Miami-based duo ¡Mayday!, is for you.

I couldn’t have found this track at a better time, as I’m about to embark on eight straight days of work until my next day off. It’s not that I dislike my actual job (newspaper copy editor); it’s that I dislike the routine – shower at the same time, drive the same route, deal with the same people, walk to the same sub shop for dinner. After awhile, you question the point of it all.

Clearly influenced by the genius of Office Space – ¡Mayday! even drops the phrase “TPS reports” in there – Groundhog Day asks: Just what the hell are we doing in these sterile offices anyway? Cee-Lo (of that one group you might have heard of) drops the verse:

“It’s just the same shit, different day /
We pretend to work /
While they pretend to pay”

I like to know that, even though Cee-Lo isn’t anywhere near a desk, someone is empathizing with us out there. “Mmmmmm, yeeeeeeah.”

¡Mayday! feat. Cee-Lo | Groundhog Day

Video: Groundhog Day

(If you were wondering: option+1 on a Mac for the upside down exclamation point.)

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