Incoming: Camp Lo at Blunt Club, Oct. 2

Hopefully, I can make up for missing Guilty Simpson on Thursday night at the Blunt Club and make it to see Camp Lo on Oct. 2 at Club Red in Tempe.

The Blunt Club guys keep bringin’ it and this is one not to be overlooked. Camp Lo made what you might call a comeback last year with the excellent full-length In Black Hollywood. But if you’re unfamiliar with the Bronx duo – now just called The Lo? – do yourself a major favor and check out 1997′s Uptown Saturday Night, a classic piece of street-wise hip-hop that really could/should be seen as the precursor to an album like the Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury.

  • Camp Lo | Pushahoe (off In Black Hollywood)

Here’s the video for Luchini (aka This is It), off Uptown Saturday Night:

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