Changes in store for The Via Maris

One of my favorite local bands, The Via Maris, is playing its final show Friday night in its current/original incarnation. (If you’re interested in going, the free show is at Livinghead Audio Recording on 2746 W. Thomas Road.)

In a MySpace/Facebook blast, singer Chad Sundin — the founder of The Via Maris — had this to say:

“The Via Maris is not dead, just so you know, merely the current manifestation of it. In fact I’m currently working on a whole set of demos to be recorded with Ryan Breen (Back Ted N-Ted) in the near future. So keep an ear out.”

That should make for a unique pairing. Excited to hear the results.

The Via Maris: Song for Will (Love)
New Times review: Zachary James Dodds

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