We Were Promised Jetpacks: It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning (live in Tucson)

We trekked down to Tucson on Tuesday to catch the Scottish extravaganza: Frightened Rabbit with The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Though I came away mostly stunned by The Twilight Sad in my first time seeing the group, young upstarts WWPJ delivered a raw and energetic set with the sort of abandon you’d expect from guys in their early 20s. It was loud and exciting, a group whose potential appears pretty boundless.

Singer Adam Thompson possesses a booming voice that’s on full display in this amateurish video I shot on my digital camera part way into the song It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning, the leadoff track from the debut These Four Walls.

Here’s an official video for the single Roll Up Your Sleeves:

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