Birdmonster: Yuma


If you’ve never been to Yuma, Ariz., let me offer a bit of advice: Don’t bother. Unless you have to stop to pee on your way to San Diego, there’s not much to see (though the Padres held spring training there and I once stared in amazement from about 30 feet away as Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn took batting practice).

So what would compel anyone to write a song about this scorching-hot southwestern pit stop? I can’t be certain, but Birdmonster’s ode likely has more to do with getting the hell out of Yuma than anything. (For a history of the band’s run-in with this city, see here. Only Lil Wayne has had it worse in Yuma.)

Whatever the case, Yuma is part of Blood Memory, a new eight-song “mini album” coming out on Sept. 22, so the band took to the social media world to spread an mp3 of the new song.

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