Incoming: Freddie Gibbs, Jan. 29

A friend commented to me on Tuesday that this blog has become “increasingly hip-hop centric.” He’s got a point, but it just speaks to the number of quality artists that have put out stellar material this year (Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Isaiah Toothtaker, 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers, El-P, etc.). Ideally, the site serves as a somewhat […]

Q&A with Zilla Rocca

After about three dropped calls in a failed attempt to record using Google Voice, I scrapped that plan and typed as fast as possible to keep up with everything Zilla Rocca had to talk about – from the pitfalls of the scene in his hometown Philadelphia to his love of noir fiction to 5 O’Clock […]

Favorite song of 2009

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is right in front of your face. I went around and around, mentally juggling my favorite songs of the year – all of which were great but none of which really stood out above the rest. In a year that I felt was just sorta “eh,” singling out one track […]