Favorite song of 2010

Better late than never … albums to follow soon. I had a feeling about England in May, and in the seven months since, nothing changed my mind. Before even trying to decipher the lyrics – which appears to many, including myself, to be mostly a futile task – the song’s triumphant swell of music had […]

Throwing Away Broken Electronics

If you’ll indulge me in a song I’ve posted about before – twice. But my wife and I spent most of Wednesday cleaning out what we call the “computer room,” our catch-all space where we keep everything from the primary computer to an elliptical machine to a bookshelf with my (unopened!) Michael Jordan Starting Lineup […]

Quarterbar: Sweet Burger Sandwich

Quarterbar, one-half of the excellent electronic/hip-hop duo Meanest Man Contest, has put together a new EP of beats culled from 2003-05. Straight vintage, I tell you. The eight-track collection is called Sweet Burger Sandwich, and Sneakmove is hosting the whole damn thing – individual mp3s and a zip file of the EP. Quarterbar | Flips […]

Designed Entropy I – Gold Robot Records

It’s always a thrill to get a package from our man Hunter at Gold Robot Records, a boutique vinyl label that deals mostly in limited-run 7-inch gems. The latest is Designed Entropy I, a four-song compilation that features cuts from Bomarr, Copy, Meanest Man Contest and Roman Ruins. The 7-inch – produced on brown/orange-colored vinyl […]

How to Break Bad News book/soundtrack

I’m only about a month late on this, but Eric Steuer (aka Eriksolo from Meanest Man Contest) curated a soundtrack for a book, How to Break Bad News, by Tim Molloy. As Eric describes the book, it’s “about a reporter who goes undercover at a fast food restaurant chain to expose labor abuses – but […]

Black Mirror (Quarterbar remix)

Quarterbar (left) + Eriksolo = Meanest Man Contest. The Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible didn’t do much for me, so I’m open to any reinterpretations of it or the songs therein. Enter Quarterbar, one half of the duo Meanest Man Contest, a favorite around these parts. On this Black Mirror remix, Quarterbar blows up the original […]