Nocando and Busdriver are Flash Bang Grenada: In a Perfect World (feat. Open Mike Eagle)

Busdriver, the resident braniac of experimental rap, wrote a tweet the other day that gave me pause: “It’s boggling how much effort goes into any given song that ultimately gets converted into a violently disposable MP3.” It’s a pretty straightforward sentiment that speaks to our habits as digital consumers and asks the non-musicians among us […]

Nocando: Mic Fights in Tucson (2007)

Thanks to some digging in the forums at Arizona Beats, I fell into the seemingly endless YouTube rabbit hole that starts innocently with the search phrase “Nocando freestyle.” Set aside at least an hour if you’re gonna do that. The forums turned up videos from 2007, when Nocando – who is appearing at our Hidden […]

Nocando: Look What U Done (unreleased)

Making good on a promise to unleash some unreleased material from his Jimmy the Lock sessions, Nocando gives us the first of a group of tracks he says will make up a tour CD for his trip to Asia. On Look What U Done, the Los Angeles-bred Nocando shows his battle-rap roots, flowing ferociously over […]

Wednesday: Murs with Sick Jacken and Nocando

Feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been to a proper hip-hop show, and I’m excited about this one from the Universatile Music guys, even though I keep hearing horror stories about the heat inside the Clubhouse. But, hey, what’s a little back sweat amongst friends, especially with the chance to see Murs, who’s touring […]

New Open Mike Eagle: Nightmares

It’s difficult to balance my eagerness to post a new Open Mike Eagle song and the feeling that I need to hold off to offer a more informed opinion. I mean, it did take me about 15 listens of his first album, Unapologetic Art Rap, before I picked up on the Aaron Burr name-check in […]