WATERS (ex-Port O’Brien): For the One

I was a latecomer to Port O’Brien, a band whose 2009 album, Threadbare, fortunately found its way to my mailbox during the pre-release promotional push. And wouldn’t ya know, just when you think you start to know a band, they go and break up on you. But former Port O’Brien frotnman Van Pierszalowski – who […]

110 Percent: Van Pierszalowski (WATERS) on the Dodgers, A.J. Ellis and how music ended his baseball career

The sixth installment of 110 Percent, a series in which I talk to musicians about sports, features Van Pierszalowski, the former frontman of Port O’Brien who launched his new project, WATERS, with a great debut, Out in the Light, last September on TBD Records. Pierszalowski loves the Dodgers more than anything (even Lil Wayne) and […]

Favorite song of 2009

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is right in front of your face. I went around and around, mentally juggling my favorite songs of the year – all of which were great but none of which really stood out above the rest. In a year that I felt was just sorta “eh,” singling out one track […]

Sea Wolf: Wicked Blood (video)

Alex Brown Church brings Sea Wolf to Modified on Friday, a day before Halloween, which makes this new video for Wicked Blood – the leadoff track on the album White Water, White Bloom – all the more timely. Delivered in black-and-white, the visuals play out like some beauty and the beast tale, set against the […]