The Baseball Project: Cubs 2010

As promised, The Baseball Project has delivered the second song of its “Broadside Ballads” series, in which the band writes and releases a song each month during the baseball season. This one deals with something near and dear to my ever-broken heart: the Cubs. I can’t say I’m as optimistic as Scott McCaughey, who makes […]

The Baseball Project: Past Time

The news of the Baseball Project – a group led by Scott McCaughey and Steve Wynn – and its forthcoming album couldn’t have landed in my inbox at a more shockingly coincidental time. I left The Arizona Republic after five-plus years to take a job with as an editorial producer, which I started last […]

110 Percent: Van Pierszalowski (WATERS) on the Dodgers, A.J. Ellis and how music ended his baseball career

The sixth installment of 110 Percent, a series in which I talk to musicians about sports, features Van Pierszalowski, the former frontman of Port O’Brien who launched his new project, WATERS, with a great debut, Out in the Light, last September on TBD Records. Pierszalowski loves the Dodgers more than anything (even Lil Wayne) and […]