2Mex and Life Rexall: “Are $martyr”

I’m just gonna continue along this hip-hop singles flow. I really need to make a mixtape of the great tracks that have come out this year. So many good albums. Seriously, anyone want a homemade mixtape? I could be inspired to do this.

Today’s track is Green Grass, off 2Mex and Life Rexall’s album Are $martyr (available at eMusic), which came out earlier this year. I’d had it laying around and put off listening to it until recently. What was I thinking? 2Mex is from the Visionaries crew and Life Rexall is part of the Shape Shifters, all out of Los Angeles. I shoulda known it’d be good.

Apparently, Green Grass contains a sample of Green Grass-Shade Trees by the Stylistics, but I was unable to track down the original song (anyone?). Whatever the case, Life Rexall’s production holds onto the original soul of the sample, with the horns laying a prominent hook for the beat.

2Mex and Life Rexall | Green Grass

The Shape Shifters (8/2/2005)

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