88-Keys: Adam’s Case Files mixtape (free)

I spoke a bit recently about the upcoming album from New York producer/rapper 88-Keys called The Death of Adam.

The album, executive produced by that Kanye West fella, is due out in the fall. In the meantime, Decon is offering a zip file download of a new mixtape by 88-Keys: Adam’s Case Files. (I sense a theme here.)

Grab the mixtape below, and be on the lookout for more news of The Death of Adam, which I wrote a bit about here.

[ZIP]: 88-Keys | Adam’s Case Files (zShare)

A Happy Ending?
Fibs ft. Grafh
Wasting My Minutes ft. Kid Cudi
21 & Over ft. Big Sean
Deal Breakers ft. Mr. Bentley
Typical Maury ft. Izza Kizza
Quit Playing ft. Serius Jones
True Feelings
Cuddle Bums ft. Tanya Morgan
Just LIKE A Man ft. Guilty Simpson
Young, Dumb & Full of…

2 thoughts on “88-Keys: Adam’s Case Files mixtape (free)”

  1. i appreciate most everything on this fine little site, but i gotta say this 88-keys character seems a bit hacktastic. i like j5 as much as anybody, but trowing a track in the mix and acting like we don’t know who they are just makes me think he’s up to no good. his commentary throughout the mix is comical at best. hard to take seriously.

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