88-Keys: The Death of Adam

I had the good fortune to speak last week to 88-Keys, the New York-born producer (and now part-time rapper) about his upcoming debut full-length The Death of Adam, expected out on Decon in September.

You can read the resulting story at azcentral.com.

Without going into too much about what the story already says, The Death of Adam is being executive produced by Kanye West (whom we are seeing on Sunday night) and, according to 88-Keys, carries a “very strict storyline.”

Excerpt from story, with unedited quote:

The tale follows Adam, who represents man and mankind, in his quest to woo the opposite sex. More specifically, um, well . . .

“It’s about the power of the female … of the vagina,” 88-Keys says. “This is not a spoiler alert. The pursuit of the punany leads to his demise. But it’s how he dies. That’s where people will want to purchase the album.”

88-Keys is in Tempe tonight at Marquee Theatre on the Fresh Rhymes & Videotape tour with Dilated Peoples, the Alchemist and Aceyalone.

Check out Cuddle Bums below from his upcoming mix tape Adam’s Case Files.

  • 88-Keys (feat. Tanya Morgan) | Cuddle Bums

Also, 88-Keys worked a mix called Platinum Dreams that you can download for free at Decon. The mix features tracks by Aceyalone, Jurassic 5, Z-Trip, Dilated Peoples and more. It’s hot. Get it.

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