The Coup: Steal This Double Album (live set)

I’m not much of a fan of the reissue trend. How many times do we have to buy an album?

But I’ll make an exception here. That’s because eMusic has the Coup’s Steal This Double Album, a 2002 reissue of the 1998 classic Steal This Album that contains two extra tracks and a second disc of a live performance.

Well, on eMusic, the second disc – 73 minutes, 80.6 MB in size – costs you just one download. From what I’ve read, the CD version also is not divided into separate tracks. By comparison, iTunes has Steal This Double Album for $19.98, and you get the live set only if you buy the entire album.

All that said, the quality of the live recording clearly does not come from the soundboard. But for one download of your monthly allotment, how much can you really complain?

I’m not sure what year the show was recorded, but using my amazing powers of deduction, I can tell you it was recorded in Eugene, Ore. (“Mothafuckin’ Eugene, Oregon, what’s happenin’?” was my first clue.)

I went ahead and spliced the first track, The Shipment, from the performance.

  • The Coup | The Shipment (live, from Steal This Double Album)

Also, check out the Coup’s MySpace page for four downloads, including a live version of Heven Tonite (from the 2001 album Party Music) and the amazing My Favorite Mutiny (even if it does feature Talib Kweli).

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