Jonah Matranga: So Long

I really should pay better attention to Tuesday release lists because albums like Jonah Matranga’s And just slip right by me. Dumb, dumb.

I’ve yet to listen to the full album, but the lead single, So Long, is available via Limekiln Records and Jonah’s MySpace page (and below).

If there’s anything I’ve learned listening to Matranga, especially his post-Far solo work, it’s that he unapologetically wears his heart on his sleeve, a trait that even an armchair cynic like myself can appreciate. (Witness his I Used to Love H.E.R. entry.)

Besides that, he’s unbelievably accessible to his fans and has been using a sliding-scale pricing system – pick your price – on his Web site for years. Clever. I think some fairly big band from England recently adopted that idea.

On the off chance Jonah is reading this (and, hey, he’s commented here before), what can I do to help get Far’s Water & Solutions out on vinyl??

  • Jonah Matranga | So Long

Buy/download And at Jonah’s Web site for $7.99; the package includes liner notes, lyrics and guitar chords.

ALSO: The NBA season is under way (please, John Paxson, don’t gut the Bulls for Kobe Bryant), and that got me thinking of one of my favorite dunks of all time.

1994 playoffs. Scottie Pippen. Patrick Ewing. Facial. Then trash talk with Spike Lee for good measure.

Of course, Ewing was on the receiving end of something similar a few years prior to that.

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