A Friday for The Pharcyde

I’ve been reminicising about The Pharcyde of late now that ex-member Fatlip is releasing his very long-awaited solo LP.

I hate to sound bitter or resistant to change, but I haven’t been excited about The Pharcyde since the group dwindled to two members. And Fatlip’s disc doesn’t rank high on my to-buy list. I’m just not sure if I can take a whole album of Fatlip solo; kinda like when Phife did his own thing after A Tribe Called Quest broke up.

Anyway, it got me digging into the vinyl stacks. So I pulled out some special B-side goodies for ya. (And the new XP-202 arrived in the mail Thursday, which should improve my vinyl conversions.)

The Pharcyde | Passin’ Me By (Fly as Pie remix)
The Pharcyde | Ya Mama (remix)
The Pharcyde | Otha Fish (L.A. Jay Remix )

5 thoughts on “A Friday for The Pharcyde”

  1. Phife this, Phife that Where you goin’? Where you at? These girls don’t know me from Jack But I feel like the mack.

    I feel ya, on the pharcyde tip

  2. “i guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye.”

    great post. look for the original Quincy Jones track that the Pharcyde sampled for “Passin’ Me By,” along w/ the Nightmares On Wax remix (just in case you don’t have ’em) in the mail, man.

  3. Ill. I saw my man ‘Lip live a couple weeks back. Best 7 bucks I’ve ever spent. He did *his verses* from almost all of my favorite Pharcyde songs. I don’t agree at all that he can’t hold it down on his own album, I bet he can and will. That said he’s been really inactive and not really productive studio wise since leaving the group.

    This Ya Mama remix is a classic example of how great rap 12″s were in the 90’s, many of them having dope remixes completely different from the LP tracks they were based off of. The Pharcyde gets my nod for doing different takes on the verses for alot of their remixes, which is cooler than just mixing down another beat for the regular or clean acapella.

    Thanks for sharing.

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