A note to commenter “Michael”

If you were man enough to leave an e-mail address, I wouldn’t have to show, in a public forum, how you embarrassed yourself in comments on the post about Z-Trip offering a remix of Lounge Act for download.

For starters, your comments were never deleted, as you claimed. Actually, I have to approve comments before they are published to prevent comment spam – you know, messages about penis and anxiety pills that are only slightly less unreadable than your trash. For the record, though, I did not approve two comments: the one in which you repeated “FUCK YOU DJZTRIP” ad infinitum and the other in which you so eloquently said, “You suck more dick than your mom.” Classy.

Look, if you don’t like a song, I don’t really care. And I’m always happy for someone to say so. But attacking me (“eater of shit” … oh, BURN) or the artist is just a pathetic cry for attention. I mean, for a song and a site you claim to hate so much, you sure spent a lot of time whining about it.

You said you’d never come back to this site (God willing), so I doubt you’ll even read this. But if you do, please do forward your remix of Lounge Act – with beats made on a pen, right?? – or direct us all to a Web site with your music. We’re all very eager to hear how much more talented you are.

4 thoughts on “A note to commenter “Michael””

  1. Adriaan, good point, though I felt it necessary to point out that nobody was deleting his comments.

  2. “Eater of Shit”…hmmm…2008’s next great doom/post-grindcore/disco metal band? I think maybe so! 🙂

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