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It seemed to be almost a unanimous verdict around the blogosphere that 2005 was a down year for hip-hop, with the exception of a few standouts: Blackalicious The Craft; Atmosphere You Can’t Imagine …; Danger Doom; Cyne Evolution Fight (which I’ve only heard is great).Ah, but 2006 is poised to start off strong. Aceyalone’s Magnificent City – produced entirely by none other than RJD2 – is supposed to drop Feb. 7. I’m anticipating beautiful work between these two. These supergroup emcee/producer tag teams seem to be all the rage (see also, Danger Doom).

I already dig the first Acey track getting around, Fire, which has a decidedly soulful, 70s-style backdrop.

Aceyalone | Fire

Aceyalone | Headaches and Woes (remix)
(b-side from 1995’s Mic Check 12″ single)

4 thoughts on “Aceyalone: new track”

  1. Cool song! His vocals I think are too high in the mix but nonetheless, its cool. Thanks for the remix as well =).

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