ACL quickie recap

After two long days in the car — and a night in Las Cruces, N.M. — we made it back to Arizona in one piece. The festival was a friggin’ blast, if not a little on the hot side. I’ll have plenty of photos and details, but for now just a few quick things:

For starters, big shout-outs to Chris, Jesse, Melissa, Dodge and MJ. Finally getting to meet all of them was a pleasure and my wife and I are more than happy to call them our friends. The festival wouldn’t have been the same without their company.

I’ll break down the festival in coming posts, but the highlight of the weekend was without a doubt seeing the Arcade Fire and Black Keys at Stubb’s (and getting backstage to Heineken stage … more on that soon). Holy crap. It was my first Arcade Fire show and I can’t even explain how great they are live. On top of that, the Black Keys blew me away. That was, without a doubt, one of the top 5 live shows I’ve seen.

A few pics as an appetizer:

More to come …

2 thoughts on “ACL quickie recap”

  1. This guy stayed at my hotel, whilst trying to get a cab that could fit 5 people, he suggested that we call a haitian cabbie citing instances where he had called a haitian… i guess haitians break the rules…. then i remembered that i saw him the night before at the pool with the whole band, they were jumping around like children…. real nice people the Arcade Fire.

  2. Hey Kevin.
    We were the Canadians standing behind you during the Arcade Fire set at ACL. On behalf of all of Canada, I am glad you enjoyed the best freaking band on the face of the earth.
    If you’re up in Vancouver for Canadian Thanksgiving come join us to see them again on October 7.

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