Aesop Rock: Citronella

This is going to end up being a pretty great year for Definitive Jux. It wasn’t enough that El-P came strong with I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead (which, if not for the National’s Boxer would be my favorite album so far this year), but Aesop Rock is set to release None Shall Pass on Aug. 28. The label’s two leading men putting out records in the same year? Yeah, that’s good timing.

Citronella is the B-side to the single for Coffee, which, as you may already know, features John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats.

The track opens with an old-timey horn line before giving way to a menacing bass/synth line. Aesop is cerebral as ever: “When the radio stars climbed up out of the floors to murder the medium that shot ’em 30 years before they said, kill television.”

Don’t forget: Aesop at the Clubhouse in Tempe on Oct. 13.

  • Aesop Rock | Citronella
  • Aesop Rock | Citronella (instrumental)

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