Akrobatik: Put Ya Stamp On It


With Mr. Lif and the Perceptionists scheduled to play the Brickhouse in Phoenix on Feb. 1, what better time to check out some new Akrobatik, one-third of the Perceptionists?

Akrobatik’s new record, Absolute Value, comes out Feb. 19 on Fat Beats.

As if the people of Boston need any other reason to brag (hello, Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox), they can also claim Akrobatik as one of their own. The lead single, Put Ya Stamp On It, with production by J Dilla, has a killer string loop and a tight verse from Akrobatik. But … sigh … I once again have to bring up my distaste for Talib Kweli, who’s featured here. I’ve struggled to pinpoint what I don’t like … maybe the tone of his voice or just his flow in general? (“Rappers fruity like the pebbles in ya cereal” … not saying I could do better, but … ).

But Akro shines. It’s just too bad he only kicks one verse here.

A sample:

“So when you be creatin’ your playlist /
don’t forget that we are A-list material /
lyrics dirty to the point they scratchin’ off the serial /
and straight to the basura goes that wack sh*t in your stereo.”

  • Akrobatik (feat. Talib Kweli) | Put Ya Stamp On It

Buy tickets for the Perceptionists show here.

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