Apollo Sunshine at Cayenne Festival in Mesa

I have to admit: I’m doing some research to catch up with the lineup for Saturday’s show. Apollo Sunshine is one of the bands that, if my indie IQ were high enough, I should have known about before now; for proof, check You Ain’t Know Picasso, who interviewed these guys last month.

Alas, I’m playing catch-up. From everything I’ve heard and read so far, these guys put on an amazing show. Matt at YANP says: “It would probably be fair to say that Apollo Sunshine have built a reputation around being the opening band that outshines the headliner.”

The notoriously fickle Pitchfork even raved in its review:

“These songs don’t seem to mind completely reinventing themselves halfway through, interrupting what you thought was a quiet, emotional song about feeling displaced in the world with a dive-bombing instrumental passage that flits between new wave and bottom-heavy groove.”

Needless to say, I’m jazzed about seeing these guys on Saturday. Buy their new album here.

Apollo Sunshine | Today is the Day
Apollo Sunshine | Eyes

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