Ariz. pick: Reubens Accomplice

With all the running around to shows last week, I neglected to post an Arizona band. Allow me to correct that.

At its core, Reubens Accomplice consists of two members: Chris Corak and Jeff Bufano, who were high school classmates. The pair launched Reubens in 1994 and have released two albums I Blame the Scenery (Better Looking Records) and The Bull, the Balloon and the Family, the first album released under the Western Tread imprint, created by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World and local promoter Charlie Levy.

Mixed by Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Matthew Sweet) and produced by Adkins, The Bull is a melodic exploration of emotions, not limited to the relationships of love. A recurring theme in Reubens’ lyrics is our ties to a city, a landscape and how that shapes us. On Lost Sun: “This desert floor has a way of keeping us here / suffering, developing hatred ’til we disappear.”

Even with Corak and Bufano splitting songwriting duties, The Bull maintains a cohesiveness held together by catchy melodies and shifts in rhythm. The Bull, which features guest spots from Howe Gelb of Giant Sand and Dave Bazan of Pedro the Lion, is simultaneously melancholy and hopeful. (On a personal note, I’ve met Corak several times and he couldn’t be a nicer guy; reason enough to listen.)

Reubens Accomplice: Lost Sun
Reubens Accomplice: This Town
Reubens Accomplice: Tonight We Drink (feat. Dave Bazan)
Reubens Accomplice: Oh My God (from I Blame the Scenery)

5 thoughts on “Ariz. pick: Reubens Accomplice”

  1. I saw them open for Jimmy Eat World in Chicago maybe 4 years ago or so. I bought I Blame the Scenery after the show, but was disappointed. It just didn’t capture their dynamic live show. Still good stuff though.

  2. eric, try The Bull, the Balloon and the Family … the production and overall musicianship is a major step up from “Scenery.”

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