Ask De La Soul a question (via URB magazine)

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of 3 Feet High and Rising – 20 years! – URB is inviting readers to ask a couple questions that the magazine will then get to the group.

I thought I was all ready to type in a question and then I became paralyzed: What can I possibly ask these guys that they haven’t been asked before without sounding like bumbling idiot? Of course, these are musicians I hold in the highest regard. In fact, hanging just above my computer is a placard promoting Stakes Is High signed by Posdnuos and Trugoy, who happened to stroll into Zia Records in Tempe one afternoon before a show that night in 1996. Trugoy signed it: “To: Kevin, True Plug Too”. In the event of a fire, I’d probably grab it right after my dog.

So, what would you ask De La Soul?

ALSO, De La Soul has just released its contribution to the Nike+Original Run series. Are You In? is a continuous 45-minute mix “written specifically to power your run.” That would be pretty cool if, well, I actually ran. Below is an interview with De La discussing the project:

J. Period feat. De La Soul: Excursions (remix)
De La Soul tribute on Hip-Hop Honors

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