Atban Klann: Grass Roots (repost, Part II)

Here is the rest of the Grass Roots record by Atban Klann (now better known as Black Eyed Peas). You can grab the first eight tracks here. No telling how long I’ll keep these up; it’s a drag on the ol’ server space. And server space doesn’t grow on trees, ya know.

This batch has a few of my favorites (No Sequel, Focus On You and Puddles of H2O) and a couple of snippets that I’ve decided to title “interlude.”

Again, these are posted in order of how I have them on my copy. So these would be tracks 9-19. The first post is 1-8.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Atban Klann | No Sequel
  • Atban Klann | Rain On Me
  • Atban Klann | Dedicated
  • Atban Klann | interlude
  • Atban Klann | Focus On You
  • Atban Klann | Puddles of H2O
  • Atban Klann | interlude
  • Atban Klann | Duet
  • Atban Klann | Strolling
  • Atban Klann | Yougohdah
  • Atban Klann | La Borio Woman Beater

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