Band of Horses surprise couple at wedding

More indisputable evidence that Ben Bridwell is one of the more genuine dudes in rock: He and two of his band members delivered a surprise performance of Marry Song at the wedding of a couple that got engaged at a Band of Horses show earlier in the year.

Full story from the YouTube summary:

“Njal proposed to Elin at the Band of Horses show in Oslo earlier this year. When the Bride and Groom heard that BoH was to play a festival in Tromso on the same day of their wedding, they contacted the band and told them their story. With all the coincidences surrounding the wedding, the band said, “What the hell” and decided to surprise the couple. The band showed up minutes after landing in Tromso to play Marry Song at their ceremony. BoH was honored to be a part of the couple’s special day. Congratulations Njal and Elin!”

The groom seems torn between looking at his soon-to-be wife or the band.

5 thoughts on “Band of Horses surprise couple at wedding”

  1. That was so sweet of the band to surprise the wedding couple. They are truly caring and sweet and nice and this couple will have the best memory ever of their special day!

  2. Im an awful romantic and this was beautiful! The only thing that it could’ve gotten any better is if the groom said “forget it” and danced with his bride then and there!!! (Told you Im a romantic)

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