Bandstand Busking: The Twilight Sad

After I was blown away – mostly my eardrums – by The Twilight Sad in Tucson last September, I was excited at the chance to see them again in Tempe in May. Sadly, the band canceled because it picked up support dates for Biffy Clyro in the UK. I mean, if it’s not one thing keeping Scottish bands from the Valley, like, say, volcanic ash, it’s another.

But when you put out my favorite album of 2009, I’m more inclined to forgive, for which I’m sure The Twilight Sad will be quite grateful. Anyway, the band is “happy as Larry” to be releasing The Wrong Car EP on July 26 (Surfing on Steam has the four-song tracklist).

In the meantime, the folks at Bandstand Busking posted four videos from the band’s session in November, a less deafening – but no less powerful – acoustic performance. James Graham’s voice is splendid.

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