Bark Bark Bark

I’m a little embarrassed that Dodge at My Old KENTUCKY Blog beat me to the punch on an Arizona artist. Hey, what’re you gonna do?

No matter. I’ve seen the name Bark Bark Bark around town for quite some time now, then I saw a Retard Disco sampler at Stinkweeds and figured it was the opportune time to listen.

From my limited sampling of his music, Bark Bark Bark (who signs his checks Jacob Cooper … wait, do people still use checks?) is cut from the same cloth as artists like Panther, who has been featured here prominently. It’s a one-man show, all freaky and fractured electro-pop. Bark Bark Bark is from Tucson, but he reminds me a bit of Phoenix artist Treasure Mammal, who perhaps lays on the irony a little thicker.

You can buy Bark Bark Bark’s new LP, Haunts, at Retard Disco.

  • Bark Bark Bark | Gtfo
  • Bark Bark Bark | I’m Needy (Milk:Blood remix)
  • 4 thoughts on “Bark Bark Bark”

    1. Not that I’m trying for character assassination, but this dude is known locally for (a) making terribly derivative and overrated noise, (b) inexplicably landing choice opening spots for hot blog-fodder bands, and (c) being an asshole.

      Dude will also get into some pretty deep flame wars, so watch out – get a couple more negative comments about him and watch this thread descend into internet piss-taking.

    2. not all that crazy ’bout the ‘im needy’ remix or gtfo, but the album is pretty solid as a whole. haunts and i love you but i don’t, are great tracks.

    3. yeah jacob cooper is bad. he just makes noise and uses MIDI things. music is boring, and i take offense at his sarcasm. maybe what i should do is follow around all articles about him and tell people how much of an asshole he is. ill thwart his little malicious scheme to steal all the opening slots inexplicably. that bastard better what his bastard back. jacob, your day has come. peachcake will soon take the throne.


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