Beastie Boys feat. Nas: Too Many Rappers

(Note: I prepared this post on Sunday night. By Monday, I think most music fans heard the news that Adam Yauch (aka MCA) has been diagnosed with cancer of a salivary gland, forcing the Beasties to cancel tour dates and push back their album release. Yauch will need surgery, but the cancer apparently is treatable. So here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery.)

Thanks to Spine Magazine for offering up what I still contend to be one of the more unlikely collaborations – and, yet, Beastie Boys and Nas pull this off rather splendidly.

Nobody will ever crown the Beasties the best lyricists around, but MCA, especially, sounds somewhat revitalized: “I ought to charge a tax for every weak rap.” (Hey, it’s good for the Beastie Boys.)

Too Many Rappers will be on the forthcoming Beastie Boys album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, due out Sept. 15.

Yauch’s announcement about his cancer diagnosis:

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