Beastie Boys + The Roots: So What’cha Want

No surprise here, but The Roots remain the only reason to watch Jimmy Fallon’s show. So every time a decent musical guest is booked, the tantalizing notion of a collaboration with The Roots – like the one with Public Enemy – warrants some attention.

On Monday night, they teamed up with the old-as-dirt Beastie Boys (what’re they, like, 45?) for a top-notch rendition of So What’cha Want off the recently remastered Check Your Head.

3 thoughts on “Beastie Boys + The Roots: So What’cha Want”

  1. NBC (with the cooperation of musicians & music labels – since there’s sometimes a lot of red tape with publishing rights & the like) would be foolish to not put out quarterly DVDs of the best musical performances / collaborations with The Roots from Late Night (with sweet extras!). So many performances have been pretty great so far.

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