Belief “Say Yes”

I know, I’m on a hip-hop kick lately. I can’t deny it. It’s got a hold on me. Especially this track.

Belief is a producer/deejay born in LA who moved to New York to pursue his career in hip-hop production. He’s done plenty of work – including this featured track – with Murs, one of my favorite emcees.

Say Yes, which features Murs, C-Rayz Walz and Wordsworth, is quickly becoming my summer anthem. It’s an upbeat, feel-good jam – the joint you need for rollin’ down your windows and crankin’ the stereo. Check that chorus:

“Everybody say yes /
If you’re tired of the stress /
Tryin’ to get it off of your chest”

Belief also happens to be the producer of a great Murs track, God’s Work.

Belief (feat. Murs, C-Rayz Walz, Wordsworth) | Say Yes

Murs | God’s Work (produced by Belief)

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