Black Rebel Motorcycle Club vinyl B-side

This is why I love Zia Records, a fantastic independent record-store chain in Arizona: I dropped by there last week, as I am wont to do (just ask my wife), and I ended up buying the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club CD and an old Dios CD. As I’m leaving, the clerk asks if I have a record player. Uh, yes. Definitely. He then gives me a BRMC 7″ for Ain’t No Easy Way and a Death Cab 7″ for Soul Meets Body — both promo giveaways that Zia was probably just looking to rid themselves of.

The BRMC 7″ has a B-side Grind My Bones. As I’m fairly new to BRMC, I’m pretty sure this is an unreleased track, a mellow offering that’s heavy on the slide guitar.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Grind My Bones

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