Blackalicious: “Rhythm Sticks” (remix)

This year in hip-hop is making 2005 look like even more of a dud than I imagined. The one exception was Blackalicious’ The Craft (available at eMusic). But then, I never really expect anything less than the best from Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel.Browsing their MySpace, I found the duo is offering a remix of Rhythm Sticks, a hot track off The Craft that flaunts Gab’s metered and breathless delivery. The remix (with no production credit) is a jazzier take on the original – pianos, horns and wah-wah guitars fill the holes where a persistent beat holds down the original.

Regardless, it’s worth the cost of admission on either version when Gab spits a verse by spelling out “Blackalicious” by starting each sentence with every letter in the word. Alphabet aerobics is Gab’s specialty.

Blackalicious | Rhythm Sticks (original)
Blackalicious | Rhythm Sticks (remix)

(Beware: 96 kbps bitrate on remix; from their MySpace)

Also, at AOL’s Spinner, you can watch Blackalicious’ new DVD, 4/20 Live in Seattle, in its entirety. It includes a full concert from the Showbox Theatre in Seattle with Fatlip, Pigeon John and Lifesavas.

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