Bomarr: Exchanges Among Systems
(Fancy Mike remix)

Hard to believe, but it’s already been a year since I posted about the four-song Designed Entropy 7-inch put out by Hunter at Gold Robot Records. Where does the time go?

With tracks from Bomarr, Copy, Meanest Man Contest and Roman Ruins, Designed Entropy stands as a work of art, in both the music and packaging – a piece that Gold Robot says “explores the relationship between design, structure, and humanity.”

What better way to examine the structure of a song than by breaking it down and rebuilding it via remix? Hunter was kind enough to give me a first crack at posting the Fancy Mike remix of Bomarr’s Exchanges Among Systems, a reworking that isn’t shy about introducing some low end. Turn up the bass.

One thought on “Bomarr: Exchanges Among Systems
(Fancy Mike remix)”

  1. Awesome tunes as always. You should give Chiddy Bang’s take on Young Bloods with The Naked & Famous if you haven’t already!

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