Busdriver: Jhelli Beam tracklisting

Rarely am I ahead of the curve, but I did tell you back in February that the title of the forthcoming Busdriver album would be Jhelli Beam.

On Monday, Anti released the tracklisting, which includes guest spots from Islands’ Nick Thorburn, Deerhoof’s John Dietrich and Mikah 9 (!!).

Full tracklisting:

1. Split Seconds (Between Nannies and Swamis)
2. Me-Time (with The Pulmonary Palimpsets)
3. Handfuls Of Sky
4. Scoliosis Jones
5. Least Favorite Rapper (featuring Nocando)
6. Quebec And Back
7. Do The Wop
8. World Agape
9. Manchuria (featuring Mikah-9)
10. Unsafe Sextet/Gilded Hearts of Booklovers
11. Happy Insider (featuring Nick Thorburn)
12. I’ve Always Known
13. Fishy Face (featuring John Dietrich)

We eagerly await an mp3 …

In the meantime, you can read the story I wrote after interviewing the man himself.

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