Busdriver: Sun Shower single


Busdriver’s RoadKillOvercoat (Epitaph) is one of my favorites of this short year so far. Released in January, it’s time to start looking out for remixes, and Busdriver announced on his MySpace that a single for Sun Shower is coming out in digital-only format sometime by the middle of April. The best part of the news? A remix by Cadence Weapon. Oh, snap.

In the meantime, Busdriver is streaming a remix of Sun Shower by edIT. Go to Busdriver’s MySpace to check it out.

Pick up RoadKillOvercoat at eMusic.

3 thoughts on “Busdriver: Sun Shower single”

  1. Busdriver performed this weekend with RJD2 in Beantown but the show sold out in a New York Boston minute. so i missed it. bummer.

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