Cadence Weapon: Separation Anxiety
(pay what you want)

Cadence Weapon (aka Rollie Pemberton) has gone and pulled a Radiohead. In a Facebook blast, Cadence announced he’s offering Separation Anxiety, a collection of remixes, collaborations and new tracks, on the pay-what-you-wish scale.

He also says he’s working on two – TWO! – new albums. I loved Afterparty Babies (still do, as a matter of fact), so this is some exciting news.

His note in full:

i make a lot of music. so much in fact, i have trouble releasing it all. the first thing i ever officially released was a patchwork CD-R of random bootleg remixes, verses, unfinished songs and instrumentals called cadence weapon is the black hand near the end of 2004. i had a girlfriend type person spraypaint all the CD decals and i did the official kinkos move for the cover art and tracklisting. now that other people have the internet and use it for hacking music, it’s made releasing music on it a more plausible idea. i wanted to do kind of a new version of the black hand mixtape.

as a result, i am putting this thing out with a pay-what-you-want prompt thing in case you actually like my music (unlikely) and want to pay for it. but you don’t have to pay. please let anybody know who might be interested in grabbing it

it has nevine on the cover!

i am also working on two new albums at the moment. one is called roquentin and it’s about abrupt shifts, hope, humanity, death and bands that take too long to soundcheck. and the other one is with a rapper called subtitle from LA, we’re called fall fashion. the album is mainly about getting fly.

You can pay (or not) for Separation Anxiety at Cadence Weapon’s Web site. (The download comes wtih album art and tracklisting; the mp3s are 320 kbps, but the tags are kind of a mess.) If you’re wondering, I paid $5, mostly because I was interested more in the new tracks than the remixes and such. Below is one of those songs, Roll With the Winners.

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(pay what you want)”

  1. Check out the Very Sexuals, they’ve got a whole album free on their website too, KEXP’s been playing a couple of songs a lot, I love “Carla” it’s great.

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