Calexico: Crystal Frontier (free download on Earth)

How can you not love Calexico and the Quarterstick/Touch & Go family? After news that the group’s song Crystal Frontier was being played on the Space Shuttle Discovery, the label has decided to make it available as a free download for Earthlings.

From a MySpace bulletin:

Maybe you remember our super awesome news last week about Calexico getting played IN SPACE.

Well, we thought about it some more, and we’re still pretty stoked, and really, if Martians and astronauts are going to get to hear “Crystal Frontier” for free, why not you, right? So, we’re pleased to offer up a free MP3 download of “Crystal Frontier” (from Even My Sure Things Fall Through) for the rest of the space mission, through landing day June 14.

You’ll be able to actually hear the astronauts waking up to Calexico on Flight Day 14, June 13, by checking out NASA TV live at around 3am EST (check your local provider). If you miss it, starting at 8pm every hour on the hour they run the highlights starting with the wake up song.

Also, the whole thing is live on – just click on watch NASA TV live.

Special Thanks to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a big Calexico fan, and her husband, Shuttle Commander Mark Kelly for making this happen.

There’s also that news of a new Calexico full-length in the offing. Doesn’t look like Absent Afternoon made the final cut (unless the title changed).

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