Caveman: Old Friend

My attention span ain’t what it used to be. Music, in all its many ways to be consumed, has become too disposable. My friend Casey wrote a great post about how Spotify, Rdio and the like are slowly pushing MP3 blogs to their deaths, or at least forcing the owners of said blogs to consider the evolution (point taken).

Still, I’ve only half-heartedly accepted streaming music as a way of life (the music may always be accessible, but my cell phone service won’t necessarily be). And so I’m wandering aimlessly – from MP3s to streaming, from my computer to my phone (and sometimes even still on my iPod … how quaint!). Most of the time I can’t remember what I actually own and what I’ve only streamed. It’s always too easy to find that next song.

And so these days it says something about an album when I can return to it and continue to find new ways to enjoy it, months after the initial listen. That’s been the case with Caveman’s CoCo Beware, given a wider release by Fat Possum this year after a self-release on the band’s Magic Man! label in the fall.

There’s an alluring sense of calm to the 10-track album, all dreamy and deliberate with swirling guitars and harmonies. At some points it reminds me of the Dodos in their less spastic moments.

After a string of SXSW dates, Caveman is pretty much on the road through the first week of May, including a stop at Club Congress in Tucson on April 28. To celebrate, the Brooklyn-based band unleashed an MP3 of the song “Old Friend” that you can download below or, you know, stream somewhere.

I’d also highly suggest giving a listen to “Thankful,” my favorite song from the album. I really fell for the imagery here: “You drove your car in the sea / looking for something to believe”:



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