Cold War Kids perform on Jimmy Kimmel

Predictably, the new album from the Cold War Kids, Mine Is Yours, took a sound beating by Pitchfork. That 3.9 shellacking notwithstanding, I’m casually enjoying the new album.

They’re definitely reaching for some mainstream appeal, untangling their twitchy soul-rock into something with a little more sheen to it. But better that than be a blog band afterthought?

Yes, Cold War Kids worked with Jacquire King, the same producer responsible for the past couple of Kings of Leon records (a point for which Pitchfork was quick to condemn). But King also worked with Modest Mouse on Good News For People Who Love Bad News, so let’s not write off Cold War Kids as “cheese-merchants” just yet. The shelf life of blog love is fleeting, so I can’t say I blame Cold War Kids for heading in a new direction.

Anyway, they were on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Wednesday night, playing Royal Blue and Louder Than Ever:

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