Cold War Kids, tonight at Clubhouse in Tempe

Indie backlash is a bitch, ain’t it? I’ve been listening to the Cold War Kids’ full-length Robbers & Cowards this past week, and some small part of me feels like I should be apologetic for liking it. It’s that indie complex. But, you know what, eff that. I’m getting too grouchy to worry about that anymore.

Robbers & Cowards (Downtown) is comprised mostly of material from the group’s previous EPs, presumably under the theory of striking while the iron is hot. Who can blame ’em? Even if the writing is clunky at times – Still, things could be much worse / natural disasters, on the evening news – there’s at least an unflinching honesty to it. The music feels bluesy and loose, and it’s sometimes hard to reconcile singer Nathan Willett’s conversation-style singing within that context. But I see nothing wrong with pushing the issue of conventional song structures.

So, go ahead and hate. We’re still going to check them out tonight at the Clubhouse tonight. Which means possible pictures tomorrow.

Some media:

Mini-doc (by “mini” I mean 6 minutes): Oh, This Life.
(From CWK: “We put this film together to introduce ourselves to you, perhaps for the first time, and give you a glimpse of what we’ve been doing for the last two years; also to say thanks to those who have been with us since the beginning.”)

Video: Hang Me Up to Dry.
MP3: Cold War Kids | Hospital Beds

Cold War Kids, Dr. Dog, Elvis Perkins on KEXP.
Cold War Kids @ Daytrotter.

5 thoughts on “Cold War Kids, tonight at Clubhouse in Tempe”

  1. ok, thanks it. i’ve just GOTTA get around to checking them out. your posting is the last straw. I’ll listen I’ll listen! Cold War Kids here I come!

  2. What did you think? I am interested in their performance.

    CWK are definitely one of the best bands on tour now. I have seen them and Soundteam now a few times. Both just keep getting better with each showing.

  3. the cold war kids have very cool artwork.

    they do some artwork for other bands as well, like starflyer 59’s last ep. fantastic band that.

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