DJ Shadow mix from Kenya

Why I don’t check the Sole Sides site daily is a question for another day. Today, all I and you should worry about is this 15-minute clip of a DJ Shadow mix that XFM broadcast and Sole Sides has available for download.

The mix was inspired by Shadow’s recent trip to Kenya with Oxfam. Shadow introduces the clip by saying the set consists “traditional Kenyan field recordings of traditional tribal music mixed with some influences of mine from back home and also some music that I’ve done. So hopefully you’ll enjoy it.”

Uh, yeah. I think my head exploded about halfway into the mix when he cuts in the piano line from Building Steam With a Grain of Salt and then kicks in the drums from Walkie Talkie. And don’t even get me started on the Organ Donor cut. Daaaaaaang. The final couple minutes of the mix are amazing, too, with tribal singing over these thumping drums.

God damn, that DJ made my day.

  • DJ Shadow | “Oxjam” live set

Edit: Try the link now, everyone. Should work.
Edit, Part II: I’m now hosting this, so have at it. Donations for bandwidth welcome!

6 thoughts on “DJ Shadow mix from Kenya”

  1. Agh! It’s gone. Please bring it back.

    Anyone know where I can get this? I will pay you in gold or first born children. There’s got to be someone I can knock-up around here if I have to.


  2. it’s in the solesides news. had to change the link due to the fact that there are a bit too much external links already.


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