DJ Shadow “The Outsider” extras

I haven’t listened to DJ Shadow’s The Outsider enough to form any sort of opinion on it. It’s not that I don’t own it, because I do. It’s sitting here, kinda staring at me. If I’m honest with myself, I’d say some of the lukewarm reviews have me a little tentative to dig in. There seem to be two distinct camps of Shadow fans: those pining for another Endtroducing and those embracing his exploration of the Bay’s hyphy scene. I’m somewhere in the middle. For now.

Regardless, the ever-resourceful Sole Sides let us know recently that a few different versions of The Outsider exist, and there are some tracks that aren’t on every album. Not to worry, because they’ve provided three of ’em for download. I especially like Triplicate Part 3, a cut soaked in classic Shadow style, meandering in piano and horn loops. It’s easy to picture this track as part of a score to a motion picture.

DJ Shadow | Triplicate Part 3
DJ Shadow feat. The Team | Purple Grapes
DJ Shadow feat. The Heliocentrics | Skullfuckery

4 thoughts on “DJ Shadow “The Outsider” extras”

  1. Damo,

    I just tested and it seemed to be working. Give it another go, or try it off the Sole Sides page. I linked straight to their files, so I’m not sure how it’d be any different. But gimme a shout and lemme know what happens.

  2. Triplicate Part 3 is excellent…Which makes me wonder if I am one of those fans in the Entroducing camp.

    You are not alone on your neutral feelings toward The Outsider; but I think this post has answered the reason why I have had such a hard time having an open mind listening to it. So thanks for that and thanks for these tracks.

  3. I tried downloading from the sole-sides site and it failed again around the 50% mark.. Oh well. What I heard sounds good.

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