DJ Soul: Shade 45 mixtape

While I form some thoughts on the fantastic Travis show we saw Sunday night, I direct your attention to the Hype Beast blogs for a mix with nostalgia written all over it.

DJ Soul put together ’90s hip-hop mix for Sirius Radio’s Shade 45, the hip-hop channel created by Slim Shady himself. One look at the tracklist for the two-part mix, and the memories are sure to come rushing back.

Download Part I here and Part II here.

On the topic of mixes for Thanksgiving, the Gray Kid is still offering the one he put together last year dubbed The Pilgrimage.

One thought on “DJ Soul: Shade 45 mixtape”

  1. excellent nostalgia rush. i’m especially fond of Part I. thanks for this!

    definitely been a while since we’ve talked. thanks the nod at los amigos. i’ve been sporadically posting since overseas trip and a bunch of new work opportunites (all good).

    hope you guys are well. –best

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