DJ Z-Trip on Last Call with Carson Daly

It was strangely coincidental that just a few days before Girl Talk made the Internet wet its collective pants by releasing his new album, All Day, DJ Z-Trip was interviewed on Last Call with Carson Daly, politely scoffing at the notion – again – that a “mashup” is anything more than a cute label.

“It’s really something that’s a bit redundant because it’s just mixing,” Z-Trip says in the interview. “It’s what DJs do. … But the thing is, DJs have been doing that forever.”

I’m not about to launch into a software-vs.-vinyl debate – there’s no doubt technology changed the DJ game. But I’d hope that anyone who fawns over Girl Talk would take the time to research his predecessors. No better place to start than Uneasy Listening, Vol. 1, the oft-imitated 1999 classic from DJ Z-Trip and DJ P that was mixed from vinyl (let that sink in while you listen to it). Even better: It’s available as a free download at Z-Trip’s site.

As for the rest of the interview with Carson Daly, Z-Trip talks about producing new Public Enemy material and his role in the DJ Hero games. What you won’t see here is a list that was shown after the interview heading into the commercial break of the five albums that changed Z-Trip’s life:

1. Pink Floyd, The Wall
2. Prince, Purple Rain
3. Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
4. Clash, Combat Rock
5. Frank Zappa, Freak Out!

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