edIT: Artsy remix (feat. The Grouch)

The Grouch.

Thanks to Noz at Cocaine Blunts for posting this remix of Artsy, one of my favorite tracks by any Living Legends member.

Artsy is a dis track of a different sort. Smackin’ MCs must be old. The Grouch calls out the “pseudo-elitist, old-school sap.” Or, as Noz says: “Grouch disses his fanbase. There’s something sort of beautiful about the layers of sarcasm and self loathing. It’s a lot like the blogosphere.”

“You ain’t artsier than me…
cuz you only read books, don’t watch TV.

You ain’t artsier than me…
cuz you shop at Whole Foods in open-toed shoes

You ain’t artsier than me…
cuz you speak real soft and drink chai tea”

LA producer edIT gives Artsy the knob-tweaking treatment for his latest, Certified Air Raid Material. I’ll still take the original, but I’m happy if this song gets a more exposure because of this mix.

  • The Grouch | Artsy
  • edIT | Artsy remix (feat. The Grouch)

(Also pick up the title track of edIT’s album at the KEXP blog.)

Speaking of the Living Legends, Murs has a new single out (Better Than the Best) in advance of his Warner Bros. debut Murs for President. WB sent out streams to post. I asked for an mp3. Their compromise?: They could give me a 30-second clip with a link to buy the single.

Just go stream it at Murs’ MySpace or XXLmag.com. The track was produced by Nottz, who also produced Barry Bonds off Kanye’s Graduation. I think I’m the only person who likes that song.

Anyway, you can still get Murs’ Dreadlocks (previous post) at his management company’s Web site, too. Right damn here.

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