El-P and Bomb the System soundtrack

So I made my weekly visit to the Definitive Jux Web site on Monday and came across some intriguing news. The ubiquitous El-P has posted a new song for the Bomb the System soundtrack on his My Space page. (Relax, mp3 is below.)

From what I can tell, Bomb the System — an indie flick centering on a group of NYC graffitti artists — came out in 2003 but only recently was released on DVD, on Oct. 11. El-P wrote the score for the movie.

I don’t know if there will be a soundtrack to buy or what. I hope there will be because this track, Krazy Kings 3, is some insane shite. The thing I love about El-P is you always know what to expect and yet his style and production never get old or stale. Krazy Kings 3 has some bombin’ drums and that grimy, street styling that El-P has perfected.

El-P | Krazy Kings 3

Murs (feat. El-P) | The Dance

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  1. Have you seen this movie yet? I read a great review of the DVD the other day…haven’t seen it yet, but it’s on the soon-to-be-viewed list! Thanks for the tracks Kev – gotz me more pumped to see it!

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