Elbow announces new album: build a rocket boys!


Almost three years after releasing the Mercury Prize-winning (and one of my 2008 favorites) The Seldom Seen Kid, Elbow will put out its fifth full-length album, build a rocket boys! on March 7 in the UK (which I hope means a March 8 release in the United States). No single was released when the announcement was made on Wednesday, but the band did offer this: “Stay tuned for a special surprise on Boxing Day.” (For us Yankees, that’s Dec. 26.)

In an interview with BBC 6 Music News (embedded below), singer Guy Garvey explains that the album’s title – lowercase with exclamation point – comes from the opening track, Lippy Kids – “something positive and encouraging that really sums up most of the themes of the record was what was necessary.”

Garvey goes on to explain that his writing was inspired by his moving back to an area where he lived in his late teens. “It’s about the years I’ve spent here growing up, the difficulties of it and the great things about it, too.”

Can’t wait.

Tracklisting for build a rocket boys!:
1. Lippy Kids
2. The Birds
3. With Love
4. Neat Little Rows
5. Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl
6. The Night Will Always Win
7. High Ideals
8. The River
9. Open Arms
10. The Birds (Reprise)
11. Dear Friends

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