Elbow: Get the new album a week early

I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again: I’m a big Elbow fan. In fact, I was just listening to Asleep in the Back yesterday at work. The group’s new album, Leaders of the Free World, is coming out Sept. 12.

Elbow’s label, V2, is offering the album exclusively a week before the release date through TellJack. Visit TellJack here and you can pre-order the album in digital or CD format and receive the content a week before Sept. 12. Packages include free bonus material, including videos for Station Approach and Forget Myself.

Check out the video for Forget Myself here (via Filter).

One thought on “Elbow: Get the new album a week early”

  1. The guy on the far left is kinda scary looking. Tell me he doesn’t look like a whacked out muppet. You better have listened to my Irish ladies MP3s, Mr. Murphy.

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