Extra Bloc Party track at eMusic

Because we’re in LA (well, OK, Buena Park) for a visit with my in-laws (fun!), I have little to offer right now. I can tell you, however, that eMusic is offering an extra track, Rhododendron, on Bloc Party’s new release A Weekend in the City.

I’ve yet to download it but plan to do it when we get back to Arizona. Probably a good enough reason to check out eMusic’s free 25-song trial. (In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I get a whole $6 kickback for anyone who clicks through and starts a trial.) Here’s a direct link to the album, sans commissioned ID number.

Also, I forgot to do this last week, but ye old Aquarium Drunkard is all redesigned and spiffy with a new .com: www.aquariumdrunkard.com.

And a Doves B-side is available at my newly launched Circa 45.

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